Riseup Newsletter

Riseup have been showering us with newsletters just lately so we haven’t had time to publish them all, maybe if you send them some money, they’ll ease up!

Hey you!

Yeah you, over there with the big dreams and the sweet heart. Can you give some money to Riseup today? We could really, really use it. Give a little, give a lot! We are super grateful for any and all help to keep our tech collective going.

Why should you support Riseup? Well, we do all kinds of cool stuff, like make new ways to share files securely (https://share.riseup.net/), offer some of the safest VPN on the planet (https://riseup.net/vpn), have cool communication tools (https://we.riseup.net/), and provide a ton of email and lists to all of our users.

And why do we do this? The deep reason is we believe in your projects and work, and your right to more secure and private communications. We support tens of thousands of people and groups working on community building, anti-racism, political art, indigenous rights, health care, the environment, and so much more. We support documentary film makers, organic farmers, pipeline resisters, tech activists, people learning more about politics, and people who’ve been part of justice movements for decades, to name a few.

As an Argentinian social activist who uses Riseup to help victims of domestic violence and human trafficking wrote, “The value of having secure means to speak to other people about topics that those in power don’t want to be talked about cannot be overstated.”

We agree! Please keep us existing and thriving.


The Riseup Birds

Also, we have The Super Deluxe Bread and Roses Riseup Raffle [1]

Two lucky people who donate to Riseup will receive a big box of fair trade chocolate, amazing print art, mounted protest photography, top shelf radical science fiction, the blackest coffee, bleeding edge political nonfiction, a 2018 organizer, and more!

If you already have a recurring donation, you will be in the raffle! If you donate through paypal or flattr there will be an email associated with your donation and we will use that to enter you into the raffle. If you are sending a donation by mail, please include an email address with your donation. If you send a wire transfer, please email raffle@riseup.net and provide your donation details.

Huge thanks to the beautiful friends who made these donations possible: : AK Press, Aqueduct Press, Equal Exchange, Justseeds, PM Press, Riseup Coffee, the Slingshot Collective, Linda Wasson (earthdocumentaryresistance.org), and our very own Black-collared Jay.

[1] Rose Schneiderman, a labor union activist, coined the phrase “Bread and Roses”, to indicate a worker’s right to something higher than subsistence living

[de] [pt] [es] [fr]


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