Is Testogel available in Japan?

Trans in Japan

Is Testogel available in Japan? A question which has been causing me some confusion as of late, since I seem to get different answers depending on who I ask.

When I was first given my prescription for hormones it was suggested that I use Testogel as this would be easiest for me get hold of and self-administer during my travels. As in the UK Testogel is class C drug (ergo unavailable to purchase without a prescription) I assumed that I would need to find a clinic in Japan where I could receive a Japanese prescription. However, when I emailed the Nagumo clinic, a Japan-based gender identity clinic, to ask if I could see them in order to get a prescription I was surprised to be told that I didn’t actually need one.

“androgel is sold in pharmacies, but a prescription is unnecessary. There is the option of buying it yourself…

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