A Gigantic Network of Narrow Streams: Ditching the Formal IWW and Building the Real

It ain't where ya from...

by Tyler Zee with contributions to conversation from Chino, Adela, Kei, and others

What is the IWW? Formal vs Real

On the surface, the IWW appears as a collection of bylaws, charters, branches, treasuries, members, and officers. Only a cursory glance underneath these formalities will reveal the deception of appearance, because the vast majority of these things have no relationship at all to popular struggles. Mass struggle at the point of production is obviously not erupting at the moment, but sadly the objective state of these struggles is not taken as the starting point for organizational efforts within the formal IWW. Rather, the formal IWW is seen as the precondition that future struggles are contingent upon.

The formal IWW, like the rest of the Left, presently has no roots at all in the class, but it imagines that the dues it collects, the branches it charters, and the resolutions it…

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