Many faces! – Snapshots from distributing WorkersWildWest

Angry Workers of the World


(article to be published and circulated in WorkersWildWest no.6)

“If you don’t like it here, you are free to go and look for a different job”, is the usual boss’ bullshit talk. Yes, they are right, we are free to go, free to starve and free to sell ourselves to a different boss for similarly bad conditions. During the distribution of WorkersWildWest we have had short conversations with various workers. These snapshots show a bit of reality – we share similar problems wherever we work. They also show a potential – if workers from each company would come together, we could build a strong movement. Get in touch!

Cleaning worker, Heathrow: “They cut our team down from 9 to 7 members. But we have to cover the same area. The union lawyers can’t win against the bosses lawyers.”

Cleaning worker, Bakkavor, Park Royal: “We work night-shift, cleaning food-processing machines…

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