US legal/repression news: Harold Gonzalez released from solitary, new charges brought against J20 arrestees

Cautiously pessimistic

Two quick updates from the US:

In Michigan, Harold “HH” Gonzalez, who was threatened with up to two years in solitary confinement for his role as a spokesperson for the Kinross uprising, has now been told that he’s due to be released from solitary as a result of public pressure. In his words:

“Considering the uncheckedentity we are battling, I consider this a major victory. Your right also that this early release is not due to ‘good behavior,’ when I wascalled out on the 24th and told I would be released, I was told that it was not their choice if it was left to them we would have had to do 2years in seg. It was you guys, all the support that has been given to us caused it. You had an entity that thrives on invisibility and obscurity, public attention is the last thing…

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