Beating back victimisation at Leeds Deliveroo: two sacked workers and 100 hours reinstated

Cautiously pessimistic

In a quick update from the Leeds Deliveroo struggle, the local IWW branch have pointed out how much they’ve won back in their fight against the victimisation of the Leeds 7:

– 2 Reinstated contracts
– Over 100 weekly hours reinstated, with all 7 receiving scheduled hours
– 1 boss sacked

This struggle is far from over. Deliveroo continue to over recruit, whilst their Riders endure a lack of basic workers’ rights – no Sick Pay, Holiday Pay and NI contributions.

We will renew our demand for a recruitment freeze with a second mass bike ride on April 1st, this time as part of a national day of action against Deliveroo by the IWW and IWGB (event to follow).”

In the meantime, there’s also a slightly more indepth report looking at the situation in Leeds and Brighton up on the Transnational Social Strike website here.

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