US prisoner news: help Jalil Muntaqim and Robert Seth Hayes

Cautiously pessimistic

A quick reminder about Jalil Muntaqim and Robert Seth Hayes, two prisoners who are still imprisoned as a result of the conflict between the Black Liberation Army and the US state in the early 1970s:

Robert Seth Hayes is still waiting for an insulin pump and monitor, and is in serious danger as a result of his diabetes while he waits for them.

Please pass the following message on:

“Hello, I am contacting you to demand that, as a matter of medical urgency, inmate Robert Seth Hayes #74A2280 needs to be provided with:
1. Immediate provision of an Insulin Pump/Sugar Monitor
2. A Diabetic Diet that consists of fresh fruits and vegetables and all the current recommendations for diabetics.

These are urgent medical neccessities, and the DOCCS will be failing in its duty of care if these things are not provided.”

To the following people:

Carl J. Koenigsmann M.D.

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