Direct action – Towards an Understanding of a concept by Harald Beyer-Arnesen

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Admin’s Note: I found this article on the website for the Anarcho Syndicalist review (formally known as the libertarian labor review) in its theory section if you would like to check out the website go to

This was from ASR issue #29

To understand direct action, we must define direct action. This article Goes some way to trying define it in terms of  Anacho-Syndicalist

Direct Action: Towards an understanding of a concept

by Harald Beyer-Arnesen, ASR #29

Campaigning for wage-workers to join the Industrial Workers of the World, Eugene V. Debs stated in December 1905: “The capitalist own the tools they do not use, and the workers use the tools they do not own.” To this one could add: At times direct action may mean putting the tools we do not own out of action, at times it may mean bringing them into play for our own, self-defined…

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