Red Cap Terror at the Moussaka Line – West London Ready-Meal Workers’ Report

Angry Workers of the World


[Article for WorkersWildWest no.5]

Park Royal London Sites (in order of size):
Cumberland (houmous and some ready meals)
Elveden (ready meals and snacks)
Abbeydale (fried stuff)
Harrow (pizzas)
Premier Park (warehouse and storage)

Pay for permanents: £7.20/hr
£7.50 for Process Controllers
Pay for agency staff: 7.20/hr
£9 after midnight
Overtime (over 40 hours) gets time and a half for permanent staff and time and a quarter for agency staff under 12 weeks.

We all heard about the scandal at the Sports Direct warehouse. The newspapers were outraged that people in the UK in 2016 were working in ‘victorian workhouse’ conditions. But the real scandal is that this is everywhere. Around here, in the warehouses and factories of west London, it is normal for managers to bully workers, to shout at us, steal our wages, cancel our shifts with hardly any notice, pay us peanuts, treat us like dirt. But…

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