Take the power back – Breathing space, friendliness and solidarity at work

Angry Workers of the World


Written for issue no.5 of our paper WorkersWildWest

It is a strange world. We spend more time at work than with our friends and family. Work eats up our life, but we see work as separate from life. We don’t want to take work serious, because we, as humans, are not taken serious at work. The creativity and life energy of billions is wasted in the way work is organised in the current system.

Democracy? You must be kidding!

They tell us that we live in a democracy – but at the place where we spend most of our life, we have little to nothing to say. The way work is organised makes it very difficult to make friends or be friends at work: the machine is too loud, the line too fast to be able to talk (often we are told off for talking ‘too much’), people come and…

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