Hassle at Harrods as police clamp down on union demo

Cautiously pessimistic


Various sources are reporting that either six or eight people were arrested at yesterday’s United Voices of the World demo against Harrods keeping staff tips, and then slapped with harsh bail conditions banning them from going near the place. Petros Elia, general secretary of the UVW union and one of the arrestees, said:

Firstly, thank you everyone for your amazing messages of support and solidarity over the past 24 hours and especially thank you to those that came to the police station.

I was kept in a cell for around 17 hours at Belgarvia Police Station and released without charge yesterday afternoon, along with other UVW members and other protesters.
Needless to say that the allegation against me is 100% false, not that the police were interested in evidence at the point of arrest. They seldom are when it comes to protesters or trade unionists whom they always arrest…

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