Calls and emails needed to protect prison rebel Kevin “Rashid” Johson from victimisation

Cautiously pessimistic


WHEN: Anytime, but esp. on January 5th
WHAT: Protect imprisoned activist-journalist Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

On December 21, 2016, Kevin “Rashid” Johnson was the victim of an assault by guards at the Clements Unit where he is currently being held, just outside Amarillo, Texas. Rashid was sprayed with OC pepper gas while handcuffed in his cell, and then left in the contaminated cell for hours with no possibility to shower and no access to fresh air. It was in fact days before he was supplied with new sheets or clothes (his bed was covered with the toxic OC residue), and to this day his cell has not been properly decontaminated.

This assault came on the heels of another serious move against Rashid, as guards followed up on threats to confiscate all of his property – not only files required for legal matters, but…

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