Aberfan: politicising tragedy

against the wall

Content notes: This discusses the Aberfan Disaster, including potentially upsetting details. It also discusses various issues around mental health in detail, including grief and trauma and mentions suicide, depression and anxiety.


Approaching the 50th anniversary, the most common feeling within the community is a desire to move on. ‘We like to see October go out’, let’s get October out of the way, let’s carry on with our lives. This is what the community has done for the last 50 years. With incredible strength, people have lived in a way that resembles life in any other part of the Valleys. People pass reminders of the Disaster on their way out of the village to work; an aging population goes about its business; post-industrial decay affects us like it does any working class community. This is what people have always done: in the weeks that followed the Disaster, pubs remained open, milk deliveries were on time…

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