Practical resistance in education: rent strikes and survey sabotage

Cautiously pessimistic

The UK’s student movement has had some really impressive moments in the last few years, but it’s also often struggled to come up with lasting ways of building power beyond brief and quickly-evicted occupations. One of the most promising steps forward in the last year or so has been the crossover between student and housing struggles in the shape of the rent strike, and now rent strike organisers are pushing to take things national. To kick things off, there’s an action of some sort organised for Wednesday 19th October, meeting up at 2:30 at Russell Square. The organisers suggest “action briefing on arrival then ~we’ll see what happens from there~”.

Meanwhile, the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts’ call for a boycott of the National Student Survey – the mechanism used to rate “teaching excellence” and so on – seems to also be having some effect

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