The Line

Calais Migrant Solidarity

Rule number one for the portable toilets: Always knock before opening the door. Pray that what you find behind the door is not too overwhelming. Hold the door to be protected from wind and other people. Touch as little as possible. Hold your breath. Cover your face with whatever you can.

Rule number 1 for the tents: Take care that no one follows you. Hands, hands all over. You’d better not walk alone at night. You’d better not be a woman, actually, you probably shouldn’t be there at all. But there you are. People calling you. People whistling. People laughing. Some of them are nice. Some are not.

Trash spread all over the ground, muddy clothes, thefts, long lines to get a ridiculous amount of food, different ages and different languages, new friends, weirdos, alcohol, drugs. You don’t want to bring your 4-month-old daughter there.

It could easily be the…

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