Deliveroo contracts: getting a national picture

Cautiously pessimistic

The concessions won by the London Deliveroo strike are an important win. But they’re still only concessions: management haven’t backed down on the new payment model altogether, and it’s certainly far short of the workers’ demand for the full London Living Wage and costs.

Importantly, someone commenting on the IWGB facebook page claims that the new contracts have been imposed in Birmingham today. This means that the company will probably be trying to quietly introduce them across the country, bit by bit, until they can portray anyone still on the old system as being an unfair exception. The London strike has shown how powerful collective action can be, now that strength needs to go nationwide.

To restate: Deliveroo have a list of the restaurants they have contracts with and the areas they cover here. They operate in Brighton, Oxford, Cambridge, Reading, Guildford, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Southampton…

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