Know your rights at the jobcentre: you have the right to be accompanied to any interviews

Cautiously pessimistic

It’s been a few years now since Edinburgh Claimants/Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty got the DWP to admit that claimants have the right to be accompanied to all benefits interviews. But, as something that can potentially shift the balance of power, the jobcentre are always reluctant to allow claimants to exercise this right, so it’s worth reminding everyone of it from time to time. Here’s a letter the Welsh IWW got recently apologising after a local jobcentre tried to stop claimants from taking IWW reps with them:

Everyone has the right to be accompanied

On the same subject, Tony Cox, the man who’s been dragged to court twice for accompanying claimants to interviews, has written a great piece about the activity of the Scottish Unemployed Workers’ Network, one that I can hardly recommend enough. A short taster:

“Thousands of ‘Know Your Rights’ leaflets were distributed at dozens of advice stalls over the freezing winter of 2014-15…

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