Snap-Shots on West London Workers’ History

One of the disadvantages our class faces today is having been robbed of its historical perspective. The bourgeoisie on the other hand can look at pictures of their land-grabbing, mill-owning, slave-trading ancestors up and down the stairs

Angry Workers of the World

Blair_funeralBeyond White City – Some Snap-Shots on West London Workers’ History

In order to get our heads around Greenford, Southall, Park Royal area today, seeing how this area developed over the last century can help. Below you can find some first random excavations. We take it as a background for future more specific articles, local walks and interviews with local working class militants, who have been around and active much longer than we have. We also plan to turn some of this material into articles for our local workers’ paper: many workers from Poland know little about the struggles of Black workers in the 1960s and 70s and colleagues in general are probably not aware about the mass militancy of organised workers which shook this area half a century ago. Most of the historical material ad quotes we found in a splendid new book: “All in a day’s work –…

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