Care crisis hits the NHS as delayed discharges reach record high of 1.8 MILLION days

Sentinel News

  • Patients left lying in hospital because of lack of adult care services
  • Total number of delayed discharges up 30 percent since 2011/12
  • Government attempts to alleviate the adult care crisis having no effect

By Chaminda Jayanetti

The number of delayed discharges in the NHS and adult care system reached record highs in 2015/16 amid the ongoing social care crisis, according to official figures published yesterday.

The number of patients whose discharge from hospitals and other health facilities was delayed for non-clinical reasons rose by nearly 10 percent in 2015/16, to more than 60,000 – a rise of nearly 30 percent since 2011/12, the first full year in which the data was measured.

The total length of delayed discharges reached more than 1.8 million days, up nearly a third since 2011/12. This suggests that each delay lasts a month on average.

Delayed discharges are officially called Delayed Transfers of Care, and…

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