Early April round-up: work, prison, and other struggles

Cautiously pessimistic

While the headlines have all been about the Panama papers and Cameron’s latest difficulties, there’s also been a whole load of other stuff going on. Here’s a quick round-up of news from a few different fronts:

In workplace news, SolFed are currently in dispute with the Jimmy’s Restaurants chain over unpaid wages and P45s not being provided to former workers. If you’d like to check if there’s a Jimmy’s near you, there’s a handy list of their locations here – it’d probably be worth checking with SolFed before trying to organise anything, but I’m sure they, and the workers involved, would welcome any display of solidarity. Elsewhere, there’s still the upcoming SOAS cleaners demo, and the Topshop cleaners’ organising has led to two workers being victimised – if you’re in London on the 16th, you can join the UVW union in demanding the reinstatement of the Topshop Two…

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