The view from Parliament, the view from the jobcentre

Cautiously pessimistic

Iain Duncan-Smith’s explanation for why he quit doesn’t seem entirely convincing.

Even as someone who tries my hardest to keep my attention focused on grassroots organising and pay as little attention as possible to the games politicians pay, it’s been pretty amazing to watch the chaos among the tories over the last few days ever since the unexpected resignation of Iain Duncan-Smith. As usual with these things, Johnny Void’s summing-up says pretty much all that needs to be said, but it is worth noting one thing: even if it’s impossible to take IDS’s stated reasons for quitting at face value, the fact that he thought it was a useful lie to tell is revealing.

After all, no-one tells lies that will make them unpopular. Generally speaking, people tend to tell lies that they think will make people like them. That means that, by claiming to champion the rights of…

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