Five reasons to give to Riseup

1. No foundation or grant is going to pay for what we do. Email and lists are not interesting or sexy to the world of foundations and big money. Neither will we ever take money from advertising. So therefore, we look to our users to fund us.

2. You want a world where you can freely communicate with your people. You want it to be easy and not something you need to be a super-techy to accomplish.

3. You want to support Riseup users in China, Syria, and Iran to have free encrypted email that helps keep their information away from their governments (as well as in every other part of the world, too.)

4. You’ve been using Riseup for years and really want to donate even though it seems like a lot of work to set up (it’s super easy.)

5. You want a radical tech collective who went to Federal court two times last year to continue to defend our users right to privacy and send the message to the right-wing that they can’t easily mess with us or you.

Five Ways You Can Raise Money for Riseup:

1. If you are a list administrator, forward these donation emails to the members on your list. The vast majority of people on lists won’t be getting these emails.

2. Are you part of a non-profit? Could you budget $60 a year to give to Riseup?

3. Set up a monthly direct deposit and forget you’re giving us money until you look at your bank statement and think oh yeah, those people, I like them.

4. Throw a party, a concert, or a dinner.

5. Get your university to pay us money to come give a talk about security and surveillance in the digital world.

The Riseup Birds


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