Campaign relaunches as management break promise to negotiate

Friends House Hospitality Workers

Petition passes 1,000 signatures

More actions to come

Employment tribunal in the pipeline

After a quiet few months, our campaign is back. Why the period of silence? At the end of April we called off a large action planned for Britain Yearly Meeting (the annual conference of British Quakers), which happened to coincide with International Workers’ Day. We did this because, at the last minute, we received written confirmation that, while they still refused to negotiate with the IWW, Friends House management were willing to negotiate with Unite on all three of the sacked workers’ cases. Acting in good faith, and hoping for a resolution to over half a year of torment, we suspended our actions while negotiations were going on.

But management did not keep their word. After a few fruitless meetings with Unite they revealed their real position: despite their written commitment, managers admitted that they would not…

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