The Sweets taste of victory: bailiffs seen off at Sweets Way Estate

Cautiously pessimistic

Some of the people who came together to prevent an eviction today

Great news from the Sweets Way estate in North London, where direct action and solidarity prevented an eviction today. There doesn’t seem to be a full write-up available yet, but the Sweets Way Resists facebook page have reported:


The bailiffs came, the bailiffs went! They were not prepared for the show of collective power that came out in the family’s defence today!

We need to stay vigilant, but today has been a powerful reminder that even High Court bailiffs are not immune to a group of peaceful committed individuals coming together to take a stand!

Stay tuned and let us know if you can be involved in future eviction resistances and the fight to keep Mostafa’s family in their home!

Barnet Housing Action Group have uploaded this video of ITV news reporting on the action:

See here and here for more background on the story. UPDATE:

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