Via Boston General Membership Branch: 7/20 9 AM, PACK THE COURT, DONATE!

Liverpool IWW

Support IWW member Jason, facing Trial on phony charges. Jason goes on Trial Monday July 20, starting at 9 am, at 4040 Mystic Valley Parkway in Medford, a short walk from the Wellington Orange Line MBTA Station. Please help pack the court! The bogus charges (for allegedly assaulting a cop), date from a November 2013 police attack on an IWW picket at Cambridge’s Insomnia Cookies, where workers joined the IWW and went on strike over denial of breaks and poverty pay.* Twenty months after being attacked by the cops, Jason finally gets his day in court July 20.

Also July 20 at 9 am, former Insomnia Cookies striker Jonathan faces a hearing on his own trumped-up charges, at Suffolk Superior Court, at Three Pemberton Square Boston. Jonathan recently spent 3 months in jail despite the police having absolutely no evidence that he was involved in alleged illegal activity by roommates…

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