Win for wobbly language teacher!

Steel City Wobs

Second victory against wage stealing language school

Speak up for workers rights

In another victory against a now-notorious wage-stealing language school, a London English teacher has won a four-figure wage theft settlement.

Before anyone gets too excited, this is not about the Leicester Square School of English – that campaign is still ongoing and actions are planned for the future. This story relates to an action that occurred last November, but could not be publicised until now for legal reasons.

The worker in question is the second employee to successfully speak up and fight back against the school’s shady payment practices.

Three items were in question: wholly bogus and unpaid “training” lessons, lack of proper holiday accrual, and underpayment of preparation hours.

After joining a the IWW and hooking up with the Angry Language Brigade, the worker was joined by a dozen supporters – including a number of fellow TEFL workers – for a…

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