An investigatory meeting at work.

From a F.W. who wishes to remain anonymous.

My issue came about in early October when my employer approached me with allegations made against me by another employee that I had breached the company’s social media policy. I was suspended on full pay immediately for four days, and I was told to come into work after these four days for an investigatory meeting with my employer, along with a witness for them, and a witness for me. I work for a large corporate business who can instantly replace me with another worker at their decision.

Scared that my job was in danger, I spoke to my close friend and her mother for advice, and it turned out that they are both members of the IWW and they could get me help quickly. They told me to contact ‘Wobbly Joe’, one of the IWW reps for Bournemouth and Dorset and they assured me that he would be of great help with my issue. After speaking over the phone a few times, Joe told me that he could help me out with my case and so we arranged for a meeting to take place before the investigatory meeting at work.

At the meeting which included myself, Joe and my friend’s mother, the fellow IWW member, I was given great advice to help me in my investigatory meeting. Feeling empowered and supported, I went to the meeting and handled it very well. I conducted my defence by refusing to answer their questions in order to prevent any evidence against me being gathered. Therefore, my employer could not forward the case onto a disciplinary.

I was allowed to return to work that same week and I told them that I did not want to experience any hostility from any of the managers or employees on my return. They agreed. I was very pleased with this outcome and felt very encouraged by the support of Joe and the IWW. I decided that I would like to be a member of the IWW because I knew that they could always help me out again if I experienced similar troubles at work. Being part of one big union for all workers means that I will always be supported by other workers, and I would be always willing to support other members too.


– A Worker.


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